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Sending a message via Email to SMS

Email to SMS allows you to send and receive SMS messages direct from/to your email. You can send to either individual numbers and contacts, or contact groups.

To send a message via Email to SMS you must have either:

Because the Email to SMS feature is a 1:1 relationship between an email address and the Hub, it's important that you only register an email address with one account. When a message passes through our messaging gateway, the Hub needs to match it back to the specific account that sent it. If the email address is registered in multiple accounts, the Hub can't accurately send/report/track the message.

To learn more about how to register an email address or domain, read this article.

How to send an Email to SMS message:

1. Go to your email client e.g. Outlook.

2. Compose a new email.

3. Enter the SMS Mobile number with @e2s.grouptext.2degrees.nz (e.g. 64212100100@e2s.grouptext.2degrees.nz)

4. Add the content of your message to either the subject and/or body of the email (check your settings as you may have the subject line excluded).

5. Replies to the SMS will appear in both the email client inbox and also the Hub inbox.

Why is my Email to SMS message incomplete?

If you’re sending messages using Email to SMS, there may be situations where an Email to SMS message appears in someone’s phone with the last bit of text missing.

The reason behind this is your Email to SMS Message Limit. You’re able to set a messaging limit on Email to SMS based on the max number of message parts of which you want your message to comprise, in order to manage messaging costs and reduce bill shock (to learn about message parts and how this affects your bill, read this article).

There are two ways you can ensure that your Email to SMS messages don’t get cut off mid-message:

  1. Increase the Message Limit - If you log into the Hub and go to Configuration > Email to SMS, you’ll be able to edit your settings and increase the limit of your Email to SMS messages. This means that your messages won’t be cut off; however, it’s important to remember that you’ll be charged per message part - so make sure your messages only include important information, otherwise you may have an unnecessarily high bill.
  2. Make your messages shorter - Knowing your message limit and keeping your messages below this limit will mean that your message content will not get cut off halfway through. If you need to send an important message that’s longer than your limit, however, be aware that you’ll need to send this as two messages as the system will cut the message off at the limit.

Things to remember

Sending to contact groups via Email to SMS

When creating contact groups, you have the option of adding a group email during the set-up process (read this article for more info). This group email is essential for sending email to sms as it makes up part of the email address of the group. 

The email address of any contact group (where a group email has been added) is: [groupemail]@e2s.grouptext.2degrees.nz

E.g. If you created a group called "Auckland Office" and gave it the group email "Auckland", then the email address for sending SMS messages to that group would be auckland@e2s.grouptext.2degrees.nz