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Viewing Reports

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Sent message logs can be viewed in Detailed Reports by navigating to Reports > Detailed Reports

Steps to report on sent messages:

  1. Select a date range (up to 12 months) by clicking on the date at the top of the page.
    • Select a start and end date within a 12 month range OR select from one of the predefined datequick links
  2. Select the Account(s) for which you want the report to target
    • If you don't have any sub-accounts, then only the account to which you are currently logged in will appear here
    • If you are in the parent account you will be able to view all sub-accounts at all levels
    • If you are on a sub-account at any level, you cannot view any accounts above you in the hierarchy
    • For more information on account structures, read this article
  3. Select the status (or select all statuses) of the messages you wish to be included in the report
  4. Select the contact (if desired) to whom the targeted messages were sent
  5. If you wish to search on Metadata, click on the Advanced Filters option and select the metadata key here (e.g. Sender ID)
  6. Enter the Metadata value here (e.g. - if you have selected "Sender" as the metadata key, here you would enter the name or number of the sender)
  7. Click on Apply Filters

You can leave fields blank to include all values within each parameter; however, a date range is always required

Message Tables - Outbound

The outbound messages for the specified filter selections will be displayed in the "Sent (outbound)" tab. You can add or remove columns from the "Columns" dropdown list:

Available columns for the outbound table are as follows:

Message Tables - Inbound

Inbound messages for the specified filter selections are displayed in the "Received (inbound)" tab. Columns can also be edited for the inbound table:

Available columns for the inbound table are as follows: