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The top 15 ways Businesses use SMS

In this article you will find a collection of different use cases for SMS messaging. Each use case notes some possible implementations of this in examples with an accompanying SMS conversation.

Use cases in this article:

  1. Booking confirmations
  2. IT notifications
  3. Delivery tracking
  4. Event management
  5. Employee communication
  6. Customer support
  7. Food delivery & online ordering
  8. Emergency alerts
  9. Appointment reminders
  10. Alerts & notifications
  11. Billing & payments
  12. Rostering
  13. Feedback and surveys
  14. Click & collect
  15. Two-factor authentication (2FA)

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1. SMS for booking confirmations

Improve every customer experience with SMS booking confirmations and reminders.

How using SMS for booking confirmations can benefit your business

SMS and two way messaging helps you to send and receive booking and reservation confirmations  - boosting productivity and enhancing end-to-end service. 


Save time with automated confirmations to confirm the restaurant, date, time and party size of their booking with simple responses.
Whether you run a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast or travel centre, you need a reliable and efficient way to confirm bookings that your visitors can use.
Hair and beauty
Sending a follow-up SMS confirmation for booked appointments helps ensure that your client knows exactly when they’re expected.
Appointment reminders reduce no-shows in healthcare. SMS confirmations help ensure your patients know where to be and what they need.

Reduce no-shows and missed appointments with booking reminders

Missed bookings can hurt your business. Send bulk SMS booking reminders with two-way messaging to manage confirmations, cancellations, rescheduling and answer questions on the one platform with multiTXT.


2. SMS for IT notifications

Keep everyone informed on the status of the critical IT services, issues and updates when you stay in touch with text messaging

How using SMS for IT notifications can benefit your business

Keep your staff and clients informed with fast and convenient messages that improve your everyday communications, quality of service and your responsiveness to unexpected issues.

Information technology and services
Keep your team and clients informed on upcoming software releases and planned maintenance outages, as well as notify critical personnel when unplanned outages occur.

Financial services
Minimise downtime when an unplanned outage occurs by integrating and automating IT notifications to rapidly mobilise your IT workforce to get you back up and running.

Protect valuable patient and clinic data through 2FA notifications and fast IT notifications to improve your responsiveness and get systems back online faster.

Call centres
Reduce downtime to support more customers with fast SMS alerts for service outages and create automated workflows that utilise 2FA for authentication to get faster resolutions for customers

The benefits of SMS

Two-way messaging can help keep your staff and clients informed on the status of mission critical IT systems, planned software updates and everyday business updates.


3. SMS for delivery tracking

Ensure your supply chain is kept up-to-date and improve customer experience with SMS parcel tracking

How using SMS for delivery tracking can benefit your business

61% of respondents to a recent survey said they would have messed a parcel or delivery if they hadn't received an SMS. Make test messaging part of your brilliant customer experiences.

Enhance your customer’s experience by ensuring every parcel is delivered safely to their hands and reduce post-sales followup.

Keep your stock and your customers up to date with what’s available and when new stock or deliveries have arrived.

Ensure that personal equipment and medication is delivered on time when you can confirm receipt with the patient or clinic.

Ensure valuable devices and hardware are sent and received to your customers and avoid misdirection by sending delivery status updates.

Future of SMS

Take your ability to update and inform customers to new levels. Rich messaging, including map integration and mobile landing pages, can enrich every customer experience.


4. SMS for event management

Create memorable events that run smoothly when you coordinate attendees and staff with text messaging

How using SMS for event management can benefit your business

Use SMS as a promotions strategy, deliver tickets, send reminders and survey attendees. Coordinate your event organisers with lightning-fast text messaging.

Not for profits
Engage your community base to kickstart events and invite attendees. Plus, begin recruiting your event staff and manage their rostering.

Boost awareness of your public events with SMS campaigns. Easily send and receive invitations, tickets, reminders and RSVPs to manage attendance volumes.

Professional Services
Make sure your clients are informed and engaged by maximising attendance at your events. Send well-timed event invitations and confirmations directly to mobile devices.

Streamline event promotion, ticketing and event check-in when you incorporate SMS into your event marketing strategy. Boost attendance and improve experiences for any type of event.

Consumer attitudes to business SMS

The benefits of bulk SMS and two-way messaging can help you setup, promote and manage successful events through the mobile phones of staff and attendees


5. SMS for employee communication

Empower your employees with the right information when you send them with timely SMS updates.

How using SMS for internal communication can benefit your business

Have your messages read faster with SMS for your company and individual communication. Studies have shown 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds.

Streamline communications across government departments and agencies with a secure messaging system. Our specialists configure your messaging service to address your particular business requirements.

Streamline the management of emergency communications, hospital and clinic updates and staff rostering when you connect SMS to your healthcare management system.

Professional services
Keep your employees informed with the latest company and regulatory updates. Improve transparency on critical projects and react faster to critical emergencies by using SMS as your communication channel.

Quickly mobilise essential employees with fast communication. Allow them to react faster to service outages, equipment failures and system breaches within your service network.

Shift bidding by SMS delivers healthy results

SMS as an immediate and non-intrusive communication channel for sending and receiving internal communications, is proving itself an effective solution for employee rostering and to rapidly fill last-minute roster vacancies.


6. SMS for customer support

Enhance your end-to-end customer experience with SMS conversational messaging.

How using SMS for customer support can benefit your business

Integrate and automate to redirect inbound enquiries and send support ticket updates and communicate better with your customers.

Contact centres
Adopt a multi-channel service model as an efficient and convenient way to handle customer enquiries and create better experiences.

Transport and logistics
Provide customers with proactive communication about any upcoming deliveries, including authority to leave messages and delivery confirmations.

Hospitality and travel
Establish a single point of contact so any staff member can quickly answer questions or issues that guests may have with bookings or reservations.

Resolve insurance claims faster and send convenient claim-in-progress updates for better customer service.


7. SMS for food delivery & online ordering

Create food ordering and delivery solutions that connect you directly with you customers.

How using SMS for food delivery tracking and ordering can benefit your business

Give your customers more choice and a direct connection to you for food ordering and delivery service by sending updates to your customer's mobile device.

Online ordering
Let customers text their order and follow up with an order summary, order confirmation and estimated time of arrival.

Delivery alerts and tracking
Integrate SMS with your delivery tracking software to streamline updates and communication between the restaurant, drivers and customers.

Delivery confirmations
Ensure your delivery arrives with automatic delivery confirmation that keeps customers informed and happy.

Track satisfaction with SMS surveys
Collect valuable feedback from customers by following up with a convenient SMS survey or asking for an online review.

Text messaging is an effective way to cut-through and is prompting every business to rethink how they can use it. Save time and money with easy coordination of online ordering and delivery with SMS.


8. SMS for emergency alerts

Keep your community up-to-date with SMS broadcast for emergency and warning notifications.

How using SMS for emergency communications can benefit your business

Integrate SMS into your emergency alert system and message with certainty through our secure, enterprise gateway that has a 99.99% uptime.

Rely on our enterprise messaging specialists who can help your government department or agency configure a secure, streamlined notification and communication system.

Integrate SMS to your systems to notify patients and staff about incidents, advise them on emergency procedures and mobilise your workforce to adapt to situations faster.

Use SMS alerts to notify customers, employees and the public when outages occur or mission-critical equipment fails so that they can take precautions and respond as needed.

Information technology and services
Send time-critical communications to essential employees and customers when service outages, equipment failures or system breaches happen


9. SMS for appointment reminders

Make sure your clients never miss an appointment by sending automated text message reminders.

How using SMS reminders can benefit your business

Life is increasingly busy, so it's no surprise that 75% of missed appointments are due to forgetfulness - easily remedied with an easy and effective reminder.

Healthcare clinics
Clinics have seen up to 50% reduction in no shows when an appointment reminder message is sent. Ensure out-patient follow-ups are sent and specialist appointments are scheduled months in advance.

Hair and beauty salons
Keep your salon full by reminding your customers about their upcoming bookings. Save your time by easily rescheduling from your mobile phone if they ask for a change.

Gyms and fitness
Set a schedule with your clients so they never forget an appointment. Send text messages to remind them to visit the gym and how to book trainers or classes.

Professional services
Ensure your clients are reminded of important meetings with a reminder service. Send them information they need to plan for or bring, such as certificates and documents

Reduce no-shows and missed appointments with business messaging

Our research has shown us that including appointment reminders into your booking communications can reduce no-shows by up to 50%. Save time and money with easy to set reminder service.


10. SMS for alerts and notifications

Send text messages that keep people up-to-date and informed when it matters most.

How using SMS alerts and notifications can benefit your business

Help your staff, customers and community by sending easy and convenient messages that are read, remembered and drive outcomes.

SMS alerts and notifications can be used to remind customers about upcoming appointments and pre-appointment instructions. Alert staff about on-site emergencies and additional staffing requirements.

Send time-critical updates and notifications to staff, the general public and the media. This can improve public safety during crises, deliver educational campaigns and boost issue awareness.

Keep your parent and student community informed with SMS notifications for events, course admissions, class allocations. Send exclusive messages for class absences and student engagement.

SMS is a fast and reliable method for quickly notifying customers and the public. Send messages about planned service disruptions and unplanned service outages.


11. SMS for billing and payments

Get paid on-time when you send SMS reminders for upcoming bills and overdue payments.

How using SMS to manage billing and payment can benefit your business

SMS is a highly customisation and effective solution for reducing missed payments amongst your clients. Decreas transactions associated with failed payments and help avoid situations of debt recovery.

Remind customers of upcoming and overdue payments, and send customisable alerts about special arrangements like payment plans.

Advise customers that their account is will be directly debited and manage disputes.

Ensure patients are aware of the pre and post cost of their treatment, payment schedules and any out of pocket expenses.

Professional Services
Remind clients about outstanding bills with SMS payment reminders and get paid faster when everyone is aware of payment terms and due dates.


12. SMS for rostering

Keep your business running smoothly and your staff up-to-date when you use SMS rostering.

How using SMS for rostering can benefit your business

Keep operations running smoothly when you use SMS rostering to send shift notifications and reminders to staff.

Government agencies around the world utilise SMS rostering to reduce administrative costs and manage their dynamic, contingent workforces.

Leading healthcare providers use SMS rostering to ensure more shifts are filled and reduce costs, like Estia Health who reduced agency fees by 20%.

Coordinate day-to-day staff rostering sending shift reminders, available shift notifications and confirmation schedules.

Hair and beauty
Ensuring and reminding staff of their shifts is just as important as making sure clients arrive for their appointments.

Shift bidding by SMS delivers healthy results

SMS as an immediate and non-intrusive communication channel for sending and receiving internal communications, is proving itself an effective solution for employee rostering and to rapidly fill last-minute roster vacancies.


13. SMS for Feedback and Surveys

Connect with customers, staff and patients through their mobile device to collect feedback fast.

How using SMS surveys can benefit your business

Understand your customers on their terms by receiving and managing feedback through SMS surveys. It's the most effective way to collect timely feedback from customer and rapidly resolve issues.

Retail and eCommerce
Improve your customer satisfaction at point-of-sale, post-transaction and post-delivery with surveys via text message. Create loyal customers that return again and again.

Integrate text message surveys to understand how your customer’s experience was with your service and food. Improve your service quality and prompt customers to go online and leave a review.

Improve the end-to-end dealer experience and identify customer drop-off points by checking in with customers through the sales and service process by sending surveys to their mobile phone.

You can only manage it if you can measure it, which is why departments and agencies send SMS surveys as a reliable and effective method to measure their service quality.


14. SMS for click and collect

Keep your customers up-to-date with safe and easy pick-up text messages

Ecommerce has grown 5 years in the past 8 months. With more customers flocking to websites to buy online, a click and collect service is a game-changer for retailers.

Retail and ecommerce

Keep your customers informed on collection rules, opening hours and pickup times. Create better deeper connections and send personalised confirmations that are read and get cut through.

Pharmacy and healthcare

Integrate SMS into your systems to notify patients and staff about when it’s safe to collect medications. Ensure your staff and customers are protected with clear collection protocols.

Restaurants and takeaway

Let customers text in their order and follow up with a summary, confirmation and estimated pick-up time. Build one-to-one communications to confirm dietary requirements and changes to orders.

More and more businesses across the board are on the uptake with Click and Collect offerings. That’s why it’s vital to keep customers notified about tracking, delays, and collection times for their orders.


15. SMS for two-factor authentication

Protect your valuable client, customer and business data with two-factor authentication (2FA)

How SMS for authentication and verification can benefit your business

Protect your data with SMS by using one-time passcodes (OTP) for two-factor authentication (2FA). On-demand authentications — anytime, anywhere, turn your mobile phone into a security token.


The healthcare sector is the third-highest industry hit with cyberattacks. Take extra steps to protect your valuable clinic and patient data with SMS two-factor authentication (2FA).

Information technology and services

As a cost effective solution, this 2FA solution can be deployed across a greater number of users. This translates into increased security while keeping costs and administrative overheads low.

Professional services

Better protect your clients valuable financial, legal and personal information. Authentication works with a variety of applications including VPN, web portal and Citrix.


2FA is ideal for organisations with one-time or infrequent authentication needs. This includes part-time or temporary employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors or customers


Usernames and passwords just aren’t enough anymore, and many companies have already implemented 2-step verification to protect customers, profits and brand with authentication text messages.