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Basic Message Sending

There's a bunch of ways to send messages in the web portal, so to keep things simple, let's just look at the most common two:

Quick Message

Just like sending a message from your own handset, Quick Message is an easy way to send ad hoc messages fast!

You'll find the Quick Message button in the header bar of every page so it's always one click away: 

Click it to send a message in two simple steps:

  1. Recipient field - enter the recipient(s) name or number, or contact group(s) here. 
  2. Message field - type your message here, the character count and credits are calculated as you type.

Once you’re finished, hit Send now and your message will be processed. Simple!

Helpful Tips:

"New Message" with Preview

Use this option if you want to send more complex personalised and bulk messages.

In the left-hand menu, click Messaging and then New Message:

Next, enter the recipient details:

  1. Recipient field - enter the recipient(s) name or number, or contact group(s) here. 
  2. Search contacts button - you can search through your contact list and select individual or multiple contacts to add.
  3. Search contact groups  button - you can also search your contact group list to add individual or multiple contact groups.

Note - When searching for contact groups, you can expand each group to select or remove specific contacts within each group:

Now, compose your message in the Message content field. You'll see that as you type, the message preview on the right will update in real-time: 

When you're happy with your message, click the Send now button in the bottom right corner.

Helpful Tips:

Want to learn more about messaging, like sending bulk messages or adding personalisation? Read this article!